Transforming information to value

About Us

Tadd Lisman founded Clarity Analytical in 2006 to help clients unlock the potential of their information. As a multi-disciplinary renewable energy consulting firm focused on statistical computing, ‬numerical flow modeling, and energy-related data mining, Clarity works on projects in all stages of development, from conception to full operation. Our work includes experiment design, data collection campaign management, test engineering, resource assessment, due diligence, risk assessment, warranty analysis and data forensics.

With over 15 years in the energy industry, Tadd has assisted a wide variety of stakeholders, including utility companies, international power developers, manufacturers, and state and local government. His work - helping each company develop, maintain and extend its information capture, monitoring and analysis capability - forms the core of the services that Clarity now offers.

For more information on our qualifications, including Tadd's education, work experience, and publications, please see Clarity Analytical's SOQ.