Transforming information to value

Asset Management/O&M

Clarity Analytical has the background and experience to translate engineering data and analytics into quantifiable competitive advantage. We deliver custom reporting and analysis solutions to help operators and asset managers meet availability, production and revenue targets, including:

SCADA analysis for optimization of wind farm operation and maintenance strategies

We assess your to-date project performance based on available SCADA data, and suggest improvements to your maintenance schedule and operations practices to optimize production and minimize loss.

SCADA data-mining for fleet-wide failure analysis

Clarity analyzes your SCADA data for fault patterns in order to provide a detailed picture of problems affecting your entire portfolio.

Asset management energy and availability reporting (monthly reports)

We create asset management reports for single projects or across your entire operating portfolio, tying SCADA data into a custom reporting system that delivers easy-to-read information on your preferred delivery schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly). For example, the graph to the left compares actual to lost 30-day net capacity factor, allowing you to see how performance holds up to predictions.

The table to the left is an example of a visual gauge of production across a portfolio. Cells are colored orange where actual production of a project or the entire portfolio is less than 80% of the maximum daily generation within the 30-day period.

Spectral and time series analysis of condition monitoring and vibration data

Spectral analysis of 1-sec and higher frequency performance data can provide valuable insight on the condition of major turbine components, help identify where failures are occurring, and anticipate future failures. Recurrent analysis may augment a condition monitoring program or work as a standalone initiative.

For example, a client suspected unusual tower vibration. Clarity performed a randomized analysis of high-speed power and RPM data. The figure to the left shows the rotational or ā€œ1Pā€ frequency spike for the turbine model in question. Although no other frequency spikes were observed that might point to tower vibration, it was apparent that under certain conditions, the RPM varied such that the blade frequency or ā€œ3Pā€ frequency matched a theoretical harmonic of the tower. Therefore, it would not be unexpected for tower vibration to occur. Clarity recommended that the client review maintenance records for those conditions associated with variation in RPM.

Database, hardware, and software development for SCADA systems

Clarity designs solutions that allow you to take full advantage of your SCADA data to assess project and generating unit production, performance, faults, maintenance schedules and weather patterns.

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