Transforming information to value

Data Analysis

Using our specialized knowledge and practical experience, we mine and analyze dispositive information from high-volume data sources, such as time series for resource assessment campaigns, large-scale spatial and time series resource simulation datasets, 10-minute fleet-wide SCADA data, and 1 Hz and faster power quality and revenue-grade plant energy output.

Our data analysis capabilities include:

Public anemometry data review and summarization

Clarity compiles and analyzes public anemometry data to support prospecting efforts or to supplement and validate existing on-site data.

Meteorological campaign management and data validation

We can help you set up a met tower data collection system, as well as validate and analyze collected data.

Mapping and GIS analysis

Clarity conducts mapping and GIS analysis to support prospecting, as well as turbine layouts for projects under development.

Validation and analysis of wind maps and flow models

Clarity will assess the fidelity of your existing wind maps, meso-scale flow models, and micro-scale flow models and provide additional information to help you understand a site’s wind regime.

Wind resource assessment and risk analysis

Wind resource assessment is conducted primarily as an error analysis effort. Not only are uncertainties associated with the wake modeling system considered on a site-by-site basis, but all relevant uncertainty components associated with meteorological data are also tracked. This yields robust probability of exceedance limits for the final Annual Energy Production estimate. Accurate, well-documented probability of exceedance limits are a critical input to financial risk models.

SCADA support and data analysis

When your project is built and operating, Clarity can design databases, reports, and hardware/software solutions for SCADA data, allowing you to understand current park performance and opportunities for increasing revenue.

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