Transforming information to value


Clarity Analytical has worked with many companies in the renewable energy industry to add value to their projects. Some of our prominent clients:

Wind resource risk analysis of more than 600 MW in India and Southeast Asia on behalf of the 3TIER Environmental Forecast Advanced Applications Group.

GE Energy
Power performance test data uncertainty analysis in fulfillment of turbine sales agreement with confidential client.

Veolia Environnement
Meteorological data transformation, transfer, and quality assurance as part of a $72 million international merger transaction.

Electric Power Systems
Simulation and analysis of aggregate generation time series, in support of ramp rate studies for late-stage Alaskan wind development projects, on behalf of Electric Power Systems.

Olympus Power
Turbine inspection and technology due diligence in support of US wind portfolio acquisitions.

Eurus Energy America
Design and delivery of a full Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system data warehouse solution for the 600 MW wind turbine fleet, allowing for geometric wind farm portfolio growth.

E3 Consulting
• Wind resource risk and technology due diligence of over 1400 MW in the US.
• Detailed forensic energy shortfall analysis of a portfolio of wind projects for a confidential client.

Renewable Energy International
Wind resource risk assessment in support of portfolio development in Eastern Europe and the UK.