Transforming information to value


Data Analysis

Using our technology-specific knowledge and practical experience, we mine and analyze information from high-volume data sources, such as time series for resource assessment campaigns, large-scale spatial and time series resource simulation datasets, 10-minute fleet-wide SCADA data, and 1 Hz and faster power quality and revenue-grade plant energy output. Our analyses yield dispositive results for your business. Our capabilities include:

  • Public anemometry data review and summarization
  • Mapping and GIS analysis in support of prospecting and wind farm design
  • Validation and analysis of wind map, meso-scale model, and micro-scale flow models
  • Meteorological data collection campaign management and data validation
  • Wind resource assessment and risk analysis
  • SCADA support and data analysis


Asset Management/O&M

Clarity Analytical has the background and experience to translate engineering data and analytics into quantifiable competitive advantage. We deliver custom reporting and analysis solutions to help operators and asset managers meet availability, production and revenue targets, including:

  • SCADA analysis for optimization of wind farm operation and maintenance strategies
  • SCADA data-mining for fleet-wide failure analysis
  • Asset management energy and availability reporting (monthly reports)
  • Spectral and time series analysis of condition monitoring and vibration data
  • Database, hardware, and software development for SCADA systems


Software Development

We develop software applications, databases, and data warehouses using scientifically validated and industry-specific practices. Clarity works with your team to deliver cost effective, scalable and efficient solutions in our areas of expertise, which include:

  • Database design for meso-scale, meteorological, SCADA, and test engineering datasets
  • Hardware and software development for data acquisition, SCADA, network, and database systems
  • Administration and code maintenance


Test Engineering

We identify performance and reliability issues that impact the bottom line. Effective test engineering requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Clarity has the field experience, and data management, analysis and instrumentation expertise in-house to carry out test campaigns from the substation to the nacelle.

Clarity personnel have supported research and development of emerging technologies, and performed service engineering analyses for leading wind turbine suppliers. We advise owners and O&M providers regarding technology suitability, warranty terms and hardware reliability. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Power performance data collection management (per IEC 61400-12)
  • Power performance uncertainty analysis (per IEC 61400-12)
  • Development of experiment designs and test plans for performance testing and field engineering studies