Transforming information to value

Software Development

We develop software applications, databases, and data warehouses using scientifically validated and industry-specific practices. Clarity works with your team to deliver cost effective, scalable and efficient solutions in our areas of expertise, which include:

Database design for meso-scale, meteorological, SCADA, and test engineering datasets

We assess the strength, breadth, and depth of your datasets, as well as the needs of your organization, then design custom database and data warehouse solutions to match.

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Subject Matter Expert for data collection, storage, and analysis projects

Based on extensive experience working with energy developers, owner-operators, and OEMs, Clarity can provide advice and support for your in-house renewable energy data projects.

Hardware and software development for data acquisition, SCADA, network, and database systems

Clarity has designed in-house SCADA solutions for turbine vendors and owner-operators. Clarity has the expertise to assess your storage and software needs and write realistic specifications for your project.

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Administration and code maintenance

We can troubleshoot code and database issues and administer your SCADA system.